This collection is ideal for guests seeking an authentic and unique experience. Our private fleet of museum-quality 1950s Land Rovers ensures a desert experience like never before. Our Bedouin camps are built out of natural wood and stone, nestled in the privacy of a Royal desert retreat, and the Emirati cuisine is prepared using traditional methods. Immersive entertainment is a true depiction of the culture and heritage of the Bedouin. Our safaris are an exploration of native wildlife, and we love sharing our passion for conserving the natural habitat and its fauna and flora with our guests.

Bedouin Culture Safari

Journey on a cultural adventure and take a step back in time to experience Bedouin life and traditions when interacting with local Bedouin people, a Saluki dog and a falcon.


Machines are designed to run constantly, people aren’t. Unplug from your generally busy days and spend time in nature to pause and listen to your inner self. Join us amongst rolling sand dunes for a chance to let go of all expectations that the world has of you to make room for your beautiful inner voice to be heard. Move the body and quite the mind through breathwork, guided meditations, aromatherapy flows, sound healing, stargazing and more all set under the stars!

Heritage Safari

Experience the most-awarded desert safari in Dubai. Choose to explore the desert in a vintage Land Rover, classic Land Rover Defender or by camel.